Raw Grade Pre Labeled Board Sets and Label Kits

Pictured above is a sample of what a Very Good+ 4.5 pre labeled raw grade board 10 pack would look like. 


Choose from pull down menus below  for pre-labeled boards. And you can choose your era size backing boards from golden age, silver age, modern age and Treasury book backing boards. 

Choose from Gem Mint 10.0 thru Very Fine- 7.5

Pre-labeled raw grader boards - 1 Set/10 pack
Board Era Sizes

Choose from Fine/Very Fine 7.0 thru Good+ 2.5

Pre-labeled raw grader boards - 1 Set/10 pack
Board Era Sizes

Choose from Good 2.0 thru Incomplete 0.1

Pre-labeled raw grader boards - 1 Set/10 pack
Board Era Sizes

Label Kits - Choose from four sets below:

Order now. Sample only. Actual size is 6.75x.25. Each sheet has multiple copies of sets of each grade of labels.
Here is a sample of what the raw grading label looks like when applied to the top of the backing board. Simple, effective, neat and a professional look to your collection!
Classic Starter Grading Label Kit 1 - 100 labels - Grades 10.0 Gem Mint to 0.1 Incomplete.
High Grading Label Kit 2 - 100 labels - Grades 10.0 Gem Mint to Fine/Very Fine 7.0.
Mid Grading Label Kit 3 - 100 labels - Grades 6.5 Fine+ to 4.0 Very Good
Low Grading Label Kit 4 - 100 labels - Grades 3.5 Very Good- to 0.1 Incomplete.
Label Grade Kit Sets

Write-In Blank Comic Raw Grading Labels - 100 labels per pack 

Click on image for actual size of blank raw grading label. You fill in the data.
Complete Grading Range Label Set

Complete Raw Grade Range Labels  - 100 labels per pack 

Actual size of full range raw grading label. You decide the grade and check-off the box above the grade.

NEW!  Here is a more cost effective way to give your comics a raw grade with the catagory flexability of checking off the grade box. Each pack comes with 100  pre printed labels that have a complete grading range from the left column 0.1 Incomplete raw grade up to the right column to 10.0 Gem Mint. Each label peels off with ease so you can apply it onto the top of the backing board with no obstruction to the cover. Labels fit all era backing boards. Futhermore, once the book is sealed and placed in the box, you can NOW quickly determine the grades of each comic quickly. A very effect way to keep track of your collection!

Complete Grading Range Label Set

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Write-in Blank Comic Raw Grading Labels The cost effective way - Write Now! Click on art or here to order.

Self Grader Slide Chart. Proposed concept, for viewing purposes and feedback only. Click on art.

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The Collector's Condition Comic Book Raw Grading Label Starter Kits
SALE PRICE $5.95 ea.*


• Pre-applied labels on backing boards Click here to view and order

Click me to see larger version label.

NEW! Complete Raw Grade Range Labels. Click here to view and order

Label Grade Kit Sets

The raw grade labeling application method is for the rookie to the veteran comic book collector, investor, dealer and shop owner.


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You asked for it — A better way to get started and continue with your investment collection!

Comic Book Starter Kits

Choose from 4 new label kits that work accordingly with the following era:

• Golden Age 1938-1945
• Atom Age 1946-1956

• Silver Age 1956-1970

• Bronze Age 1970-1984
• Copper Age 1984-1992
• Modern Age 1992-Present

• Backer Sheets

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