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Below is a sample  useage of a Raw Grading Label placed on the outside of the  protective sleeve. Thanks to Tommy Jasmin founder and creator of Click here to read his review of the product.

Now when your customers question the raw grade of a certain title, the answer is right there on the top of the board. Graded by you based on the Overstreet standard grading scale that is numerical and color coded. The pre-printed label peels off the grading sheet and onto the top of the backing board. No muss or fuss. And the raw grading label does not obstuct the cover art. 

Raw grading labels on iconic titles from the past!
For your shopping convenience



Do It Yourself Grading & Slabbing.


Comic Book Condition Grading Means Everything Today.

Grow From Being a Fan to a Collector into an Investor.

Coming This August, Our Raw Grading Pocket Booklet.

FREE with your first purchase of $29 or more. Details to follow. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS!

Enhance your slabbed comics with Clear Gloss Name Grade Transparent Labels. Fits over CGC, CBCS & PGX slabbed graded comic book cases. All name grades available! Do it yourself!

Write-in Blank Comic Raw Grading Labels The cost effective way - Write Now! Click on art or here to order.

The Collector's Condition Comic Book Raw Grading Label Starter Kits
Choose from 4 Kits

Pre-applied labels on backing boards Click here to view and order

Click me to see larger version label.

Complete Raw Grade Range Labels. Click here to view and order

The raw grade labeling application method is for the rookie to the veteran comic book collector, investor, dealer and shop owners.



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Enhance your investment collection!

Comic Book Starter Kits

Choose from 4 new label kits that work accordingly with the following era:

• Golden Age 1938-1945
• Atomic Age 1946-1956

• Silver Age 1956-1970

• Bronze Age 1970-1984
• Copper Age 1984-1992
• Modern Age 1992-2011
• Titanium Modern Age

• Backer Sheets

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Dick Ayers Celebrates 64 Years as a Comic Book Artist at Albany Comic Con

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